QUICK & Uplifting Perspective Check

Perspective check! How do you approach your goals and self care? Are you more 1 or 2? Think of a current goal you have, or a supportive change you’re making with your self care. Then choose which mindset feels most like you right now: 1. Ugh. I hate this about myself, or my situation, so I’m going to make a change. Sigh. I can’t live like this anymore. OR 2. Mmm. I’m excited to make this change to better love and support myself. I already feel lighter. I deserve this! —— You may have noticed, #1 doesn’t feel very supportive of where you’re currently at. #1 gives off more “this is an intervention” vibes than the “Yeyeah! You’ve got this!” pep talk vibes of #2. Which mindset are you going to practice this week? Regardless of how your mindset is or has been, you have the opportunity to choose what and how you think moving forward. So what’ll it be for you? Let me know a current goal and the mindset you’re using to pursue it by emailing me. P.S. Here’s a self love song from Mandy Moore that I can’t get out of my head: Save a Little for Yourself As always, be well and be YOU.

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