Yoga Child's Pose


"Mmm. I needed this."

Within moments, you will be immensely glad you joined. 

It's as though your breath, body, mind and spirit will share a sigh of relief for experiencing this level of self care. 

For All Classes:

Classes are available in-person or on Zoom.

Our meditation and yoga classes are available as pay-what-you-can, even if that is $0. We suggest $5-20 per class. 

Class Offerings


This 45 minute class invites mindful movement into your Monday.

Breathe & move with intention as we focus on the theme of the week and get our bodies moving.

Mats are available! You may with to bring along an extra layer or cozy socks for our final svasana. Preregistration is appreciated!


This 75 minute class allows you to cultivate and expand your self care through yoga: breathing, movement, and meditation.

You'll find yourself looking forward to these sessions each week to reset and relax.

Mats are available! Preregistrations is appreciated. You may wish to bring a blanket.


Fun for families of all ages!

Expect some giggles, wiggles and creativity on our way toward relaxation. 


In this session, participants of all ages will learn tools to benefit their minds, bodies, and spirits.  We will practice a mix of repeating and new activities.

Mats are available! Preregistration is appreciated.


Who runs the show: you? or your mind? 

At True Earth Yoga, we focus on Rachael's mantra:

When I control my breath, I control my life. 

Learn simple, everyday shifts you can make in your mindset to benefit your overall resilience and mastery over your busy mind.