August 2021 Camper Feature: Amy!

All about our dear friend, Amy, and her adventures during our women's BWCA retreat!

Some of the women who join our retreats sign up with a family member, friend, or group. Amy joined us SOLO. We asked Amy to share about her experience at our August 2021 Women's BWCA retreat.

Name: Amy :)

Age: 26

Where you live: Twin Cities, MN

Which retreat did you attend? August 2021 BWCA

Describe pre-trip Amy for us!

Prior to the retreat, how experienced would you have considered yourself in outdoor adventure?

We have gone RV camping as a family before and spent a couple of nights in a tent in a rare moment. I went to camps where we could canoe for fun but never portages before. I enjoy hiking but had never backpacked like that before. What a blast!

Before the retreat, what were you most nervous and curious about? What made you decide to go on this adventure?

I was curious about what Rachael and Jodi had planned for us! I love outdoor activities and spending time with womxn there and getting to know them personally. August is a beautiful time and I knew I’d be warm enough in the hottest month even if we are sleeping outside.

Many people on your retreat signed up with a buddy. Tell us about your experience on this retreat since you came solo! Would you do it again?

I had planned on having a buddy with, but due to last-minute changes, she was unable to join us. I considered staying home, but I had everything packed and ready. I’d absolutely do it again! Going alone was not intimidating or scary. I was welcomed into a diverse group of womxn and they were open to meeting me at my own pace.

I can’t wait to bring my buddy on another retreat with me!

Since our retreat, you have gone on so many fun camping and hiking adventures and added mindfulness and yoga to your everyday life. How does that feel? What has changed in your personal life since going on this retreat?

I feel peaceful. I spend my time dreaming of moments I’ve spent in nature with ones I love, or alone, and memories we have yet to create. I have a fast-paced job with few periods of rest, and the short videos and clips are perfect for adding into my lunch or drive in to work.

What is your biggest takeaway in what you learned about yourself and what you are capable of after this retreat?

I am resilient. I can do hard things! My breath is my lifeline and I can control it in any situation.

Is there a favorite moment or story you’d like to share??

Margaritas at the waterfall 🌱 thankful for Jodi for documenting in a wonderful video!

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As always, contact Rachael if you have any questions or just wish to share a burst of excitement!

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