5 Steps to Find 5 Minutes for Self Care

Unlocking your 5 Minutes of Freedom

With Rachael Schauer of True Earth Yoga

How to daily create your own peace & calm.

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Why 5?

Because my friend, I want you to be successful. It is truly simple, small shifts in your everyday life that make the biggest impact in the long run, in your overall resilience.

5 minutes is not selfish. 5 minutes is achievable.

Plus, let’s be real. You might already be doubting yourself.

Where in the heck can I find five full, uninterrupted minutes?

Well that’s what I’m here for! To help you discover and maintain your simple mindfulness routine.

#1. WHY is this important to me?

You’re here for one of two reasons - you want more of something… or you want less of something. More peace, more calm, more connection with your true self? Less stress, less exhaustion, less mindless, surface-level living?

Tell me, when was the last time you actually relaxed? Who has control - you, or your mind?

Take time NOW to realize why this is important for you:

How do I currently feel & live?

How do I want to feel & live?

#2. Where in your day do you have the most control over your time?

Some ideas: In the morning - Before anyone else wakes up - During your get ready time - At work - Over lunch - During nap time - On your commute - On the toilet - Getting to your destination 5 minutes earlier and waiting in your car - Waiting for your food - Before you crawl in bed - While you’re laying in bed - other!

Seriously, when? Whatever it is for you, works perfectly! It doesn’t have to be fancy or instagrammable. Something is absolutely better than nothing.

#3 What can you delegate to someone else to free up 5 minutes?

Some ideas: An errand - A daily chore - A parenting responsibility - An adulting responsibility - A work task - A favor - A pet routine - research - anything!

If you wrote down eevverrryyything you do in a day, let alone a week, you may be amazed at where your time is going and how many tasks you complete. First - give yourself a loving pat on the back! Now, figure out what you can shift from your plate to someone else’s:

#4 Who can you ask to hold you accountable daily?

Everyday, my fiancé texts me to make sure I’ve had lunch. It may seem silly, but sometimes 2 or 3 o’clock rolls around and I’ve been working away and haven’t even thought about eating. He’ll say anything like, “What's for lunch today?” “Have you had lunch yet?” Or, “Checking in! Can you guess what I’m going to ask you?” And it helps!

Think of it as giving them an opportunity to take care of you. Do you need a no-excuses/tough love kind of person or a nurturing and accepting person? Regardless, choose someone who cares about you and your wellbeing. Who might you choose?

P.S. No one comes to mind? Please let me do this for you :) Click here to book your connection call.

#5 What can you replace, reduce, or swap out?

Alrighty, time to identify some unhelpful habits or patterns that you can replace with a short self care practice. Think of those things that you’re currently allowing that your best self wouldn’t allow. Where do you lose your energy?

Some ideas: Unlimited social media time - Mindless scrolling - Watching multiple episodes - Hitting snooze - Going out multiple nights - Saying yes to things you wish you’d said no to - Over volunteering your time - Fixing other people’s problems - Overworking - etc.


Congratulations!! You now have found FIVE MINUTES, FIVE GLORIOUS MINUTES to dedicate to yourself each day!

Okay, so I’ve found the time… now what do I do with it? Head to our Mindfulness Membership to access your very own self care tools to get you started.

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