Discovering my True Nature in the BWCA

I had felt it for a while, a pull to grow, a push for change. Yet, I wasn’t quite sure of what it was that I was needing more or less of in my life. Have you ever felt this way? A longing for… something, and you’re not sure of what…

Looking back, I realize my longing was really a search for home that I found both within myself and at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Living on the edge of the BWCA is important for me as an individual as well as the owner of a wellness business. True Earth Yoga, based in the Superior National Forest and available everywhere online, encourages folks to learn from the wilderness. During our signature mindset coaching program, MeaningFULL Moments: Making the MOST of Your Everyday Life, participants learn valuable lessons from nature such as being genuinely present and having faith.

A founding text in yoga, Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.3 teaches, Tada drashtuh svarupevasthanam: Practicing yoga guides us to discover our true nature within. Since I’ve deepened my personal yoga practice and pursuit of self study, I’ve been more and more drawn to spend time in nature. In fact, quiet moments in the wilderness are the only times I feel fully present with my surroundings and connected with myself. We simply can’t find that level of peace and healing elsewhere when we’re surrounded by person-made distractions and the societal norm of being busy. Each moment spent in our pristine Boundary Waters wilderness, is a moment spent in clarity and connection with my truest self. A trip into the BWCA is as healing as it is energizing, an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

It is critically important to protect the wilderness and preserve these unique opportunities for self growth and care before it’s too late. Each generation is more and more deprived of time in nature while increasingly burdened with anxieties, endless stimuli, and constant distractions from technology. People are losing their sense of self. With their loss of self, escalates their loss of contentment, resilience, and ability to live life beyond the surface level. And worse, I’m not exaggerating. Think of the last time you experienced a sunrise or sunset without looking through your phone. When was the last walk you took that wasn’t interrupted by a notification or thoughts of your to-do list? In fact, who runs the show: you, or your mind?

We, as a society, need the wilderness now more than ever. Your voice matters and is needed.


Permanently Protect the Boundary Waters from Copper Mining.

As Jerry Vandiver sings, “Standing proudly, we must speak loudly for this quiet place.”

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