3 things to BRIGHTEN your day

I'm here....

1. To remind you to pause and check in.

Whether your day has been go-go-go or maybe more relaxed, you can always benefit from taking a moment to ask yourself these two questions:

How does my body feel?

How does my mind feel?

2. To invite you to create some calm.

Click here for a short, seven minute practice I put together for our True Earth Yoga sangha (community). As always, Cinder was there to help me :)

3. To share my favorite relaxing sounds.

Listen to this Spotify playlist here.

I hope this leaves your day brighter than before.

Be well, my friends!

P.S. Looking for support in becoming your own day brightener? Join me for a free 15 minute connection call :) or check out our Mindfulness Membership.

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