3 Breaths to Calm your Busy Mind

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Hello there,

My name is Rachael, owner of True Earth Yoga. I believe,

"When I control my breath,

I control my life."

My mind used to be sooo busy, and I tried everything to calm it down. I finally learned the breath is our most foundational tool for our overall wellness. We breathe to be.

This guide is my gift to you to begin to build your mindful breathing practice and calm your own busy mind.

Be well and be YOU.

#1 Breath Awareness

To cultivate a relationship with your breath, I will first guide you to connect within.

#2 Balanced Breathing

Your breath impacts your entire wellbeing. Use this practice to find your inner balance.

#3 Calming Breath

Your breath holds immense power. Allow your exhale to slow and calm you in this practice.


You have taken the first steps to cultivating your very own mindfulness practice.

What's next?

Routine | Reflection | Resilience

The more often you invite these short practices into your life, the more natural they will become.

Take time to notice how you feel before and after your practice. Continue to build and support your mindful resilience.

Ready to keep growing? Access more practices and tools like these within our rapidly growing Mindfulness Membership.

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