Discover your true nature within.

Wilderness Empowerment and Meditative Yoga

Meet Rachael

Your guide on your self-growth journey

Hello there :)

My name is Rachael and I guide compassionate women to discover their true nature within so they can feel content, resilient, and at home within their passions and their purpose.



For starters, let's just say we tap into the wisdom and lessons of nature as well as the small, simple shifts we can make toward mindfulness in our every day lives. 

I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to adventure with you!


Our favorite experiences:

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True Nature Discovery Retreats


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Yoga and Hiking Retreats

Lutsen, MN

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Paddle Board Yoga

Caribou Lake

Lutsen, MN

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Meditative Hikes, Paddles, and more!

Destination varies

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Destination varies

My clients are THRIVING.

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Life is simply too short for surface-level-living.

Forest Lake

On the blog

thoughts on life, nature, and busy-ness

Simply put, I love uplifting other humans, especially when that gets to happen in the great outdoors!

There's SO MUCH to gain from looking into nature. It's the only place we can be truly present - with our surroundings and with our truest selves. 

I also share tidbits and lifestyle adjustments you can make to embrace MeaningFULL Living.


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